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Department for Local Government
1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 340
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 573-2382
Toll Free
(800) 346-5606
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Staff Directory


Telephone: (502) 573-2382
Toll Free: (800) 346-5606

Office of the Commissioner
Sandra Dunahoo, Commissioner
Mary Palmer, Assistant to the Commissioner
Neal Cornett, Executive Assistant
Ryan Helfenbein, Public Information Officer
Todd Kirby, Executive Staff Advisor
Jessica Lee, Executive Assistant
Rebecca Morton-Asomaning, Executive Secretary
Office of Legal Services
Bobby Russell, General Counsel
Bill Pauley, Staff Attorney
Darren Sammons, Staff Attorney
Office of Financial Management & Administration
Andrew Schachtner, Executive Assistant
Administration Branch
Melinda Parrish, Branch Manager
CaSandra Stallard, Administrative Specialist
Brad Vickers, Internal Policy Analyst
Cities and Special Districts Branch
Tammy Vernon, Branch Manager
Lori Denhart, Local Government Advisor
Linda Lilly, Local Government Advisor
Counties Branch
Robert Brown, Branch Manager
Lisa Dale, Local Government Advisor
Tom Dobson, Local Government Advisor
Wil Rhodes, Local Government Advisor
Scott Sharp, County Officials Training Coordinator
Office of Federal Grants
Vernon Brown, Executive Director
Roy Brothers, Neighborhood Stabilization Program Advisor
Jessica Razor, Administrative Specialist
Peggy Satterly, Staff Assistant
Community Enhancement Branch
Jodie Williams, Branch Manager
Infrastructure Branch
Marilyn Eaton-Thomas, Branch Manager
Jennifer Peters, Local Government Advisor
Compliance Branch
Mark Williams, Branch Manager
Lee Nalley, Administrative Specialist
Economic Development Branch
Gabe Nickell, Branch Manager
Aaron Jones, Local Government Advisor
Housing and Communities Branch
Travis Weber, Branch Manager
Cathy Figlestahler, Local Government Advisor
Public Services Branch
Jeff Hanna, Local Government Advisor
Office of State Grants
Amy Barnes, Executive Director
Coal Development Branch
Olivia Clark, Local Government Advisor
Billie Renee Johnson, Local Government Advisor
Laura Kronauer, Internal Policy Analyst III
Wendy Thompson, Local Government Advisor
Special Programs Branch
Melanie Lane, Local Government Advisor
Office of Field Services
Shane Baker, Field Representative
Sam McKown, Field Representative
Isaac Myers, Field Representative
Rebecca Rittenhouse, Field Representative
Aaron Thompson, Field Representative