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The Joint Funding Administration (JFA) was initiated as a way to unify funding to the Area Development Districts (ADDs) from multiple sources (both state and federal). It originally included federal agencies such as the Economic Development Administration (EDA), Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and state agencies including the Department for Local Government (DLG), the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and the Justice Cabinet. As the years passed, various agencies have dropped out of JFA, most recently the ARC. Current participants include DLG, EDA, and CDBG.
Form CD-511  (.pdf - 52 kb)
JFA Administrative Handbook  (.pdf - 4455 kb)
JFA CAP Documentation Form 2018  (.pdf - 192 kb)
JFA Certification of Funds  (.pdf - 123 kb)
JFA Financial Close-Out Report  (.xls - 37 kb)
JFA Quarterly Financial Report  (xlsx - 19 kb)
Homeland Security Grants  (.xls - 26 kb)
JFA FY2017 Calendar  (.pdf - 215 kb)
JFA Quarterly Report Forms  (xlsx - 110 kb)
Printable Map of ADDs  (.pdf - 179 kb)
147A.050: Area Development Districts created
147A.060: Board of directors for each district
147A.070: Appointment of executive director
147A.080: Powers of board of directors
147A.090: Duties of board of directors
147A.100: Allocation of funds
147A.110: District projects and property exempt from taxation
147A.120: Limitation on districts' functions, powers and duties
147A.125: Regional planning council
147A.140: District preparation of solid waste management plan


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