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Recreational Trails Program





Recreational Trails Program
photo: Sandy Lee Watkins Park Trail, Henderson, KY
The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). It can be used to provide assistance for acquisition of easements, development and/or maintenance of recreational trails and trailhead facilities for both motorized and non-motorized use. The Recreational Trails Program benefits communities and enhances quality of life.

It does not fund equipment such as mowers, gators or trucks. All trails that have received FHWA funding must remain open to the public and maintained for perpetuity.

Who Can Apply:
Eligible applicants are city and county governments, state and federal agencies. Non-profit organizations must partner with a governmental entity.

Application Process:
Below is the 2017 RTP Applicationis now available to download. The deadline to submit the application is March 31, 2017.

You must also submit to the State Clearinghouse for the Intergovernmental Review Process or request an update on previous comments to be eligible for funding.

The minimum grant request is $5,000.00; the maximum grant request is $100,000.00.

This is a Federally funded, matching reimbursement grant program.

For more information, contact Jodie Williams.

Additional Requirements:
To assist Local Public Agencies (LPAs) with executing eligible transportation projects in accordance with federal transportation laws and regulations, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and the Kentucky Division of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have jointly developed the LPA Guide - UPDATED 7/21/2016

Do you know what types of Endangered Species are in your county?

For additional information about endangered species, ecology survey requirements, please contact U.S. Fish & Wildlife or call the Kentucky Field Office at 502-695-0468.

Contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to determine if your project will require permits. Avoid impacts to wetlands; permits will be required if impacted.

Contact the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) to determine if an archaeology survey will be necessary prior to the construction of the proposed project. The Section 106 Review Process must also be completed if selected for funding.

All trail projects funded by FHWA require an ecology survey or a clearance letter from USFW prior to the construction of the proposed project. Please submit all required surveys and/or clearance letters to Jodie Williams.

Most projects will require engineering, will require plans and specs to be approved by KYTC and to complete the KYTC LPA Checklist. Other requirements include a Public Interest Finding (PIF) when utilizing force account or in-kind labor, Construction Inspection Plan, Erosion Sediment Measures, and Engineer Estimate. If Stock Pile Materials are used, there must be verification that it conforms to KYTC standards.

Trail Related Research and Publications:
Trail-related research and publications developed through FHWA or with FHWA support.

- Trail Construction and Maintenance Guide

- Equestrian resources

- Equestrian Trailhead Guide Information

- Mountain bicycling guides

- Park Guidelines for Off Highway Vehicles

- Rail-trail resources

- Youth corps resources

- Several publications through the USDA Forest Service Technology & Development Program and the Mechanized Trail Building Equipment website.

- Support for the National Trails Training Partnership.


Reimbursement Forms
RTP Reimbursement Packet (.pdf - 626 kb)


Easement/Deed Restriction
If the land is publically owned, the LPA can either choose to file an Easement or Separate Deed Restriction. If the land is not owned, both easements must be filed. The easement/deed restriction is required to be filed prior to receiving final reimbursement.
RTP Easement from Citizen to LPA (docx - 34 kb)
RTP Easement from LPA to DLG (docx - 39 kb)
RTP Separate Deed Restriction -Nonmotorized (.doc - 71 kb)
RTP Seperate Deed Restriction -Motorized (.doc - 73 kb)


Other Downloads
2017 RTP Application (.doc - 234 kb)
424 D - Assurances (.pdf - 125 kb)
Endangered Species List (.xls - 444 kb)
Kentucky Appraisal Requirements (.doc - 139 kb)
KYTC Pre-qualified Appraiser List (.doc - 117 kb)
LPA Guide (.pdf - 321 kb)
RTP Closeout Form (docx - 13 kb)
RTP LPA Daily Construction Inspection Report (docx - 26 kb)
RTP Progress Report (.doc - 117 kb)
Utilities and Rail Certification (docx - 56 kb)