Staff Directory

Office of the Commissioner

Sandra Dunahoo Commissioner 502-892-3466
Brian Houillion Chief of Staff - Executive Director of Financial Management & Administratio 502-892-3475
Kirsten Delamarter Press Secretary 502-892-3184
Dylan Gorski Executive Assistant 502-892-3495
Ryan Helfenbein Public Information Officer 502-892-3448
Carol Juett Executive Assistant 502-892-3507
Rebecca Morton-Asomaning Executive Secretary 502-892-3461
Amy Powers Bailey Internal Policy Analyst III 502-892-3181
Kiersten Richardson Communications Strategist 502-892-3491
Nathan Skates Executive Assistant 502-892-3513

Office of Legal Services

Greg Ladd General Counsel 502-892-3472
Suzanne Molley Staff Attorney 502-892-3169
Will Rich Staff Attorney 502-892-3165

Office of Financial Management & Administration

Administration Branch

Melinda Parrish Branch Manager 502-892-3467
CaSandra Stallard Administrative Specialist 502-892-3477

Cities and Special Districts Branch

Tammy Vernon Branch Manager 502-892-3481
Lori Denhart Local Government Advisor 502-892-3441
Linda Lilly Local Government Advisor 502-892-3457
Cities/SPGE Mailbox (general mail)
Tess Sommer Administrative Specialist 502-892-3480

Counties Branch

Robert Brown Branch Manager 502-892-3433
Tom Dobson Local Government Advisor 502-892-3442
Wil Rhodes Local Government Advisor 502-892-3471
Rebecca Roe Local Government Advisor 502-892-3170
Jaarad Taylor Local Government Advisor 502-892-3512
Wendy Thompson Local Government Advisor 502-892-3479
Counties vMailbox (general mail)

Office of Federal Grants

Scott Sharp ARC Program Manager / Hearing Officer 502-892-3476
Jessica Wagoner Administrative Specialist 502-892-3470

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Roy Brothers Neighborhood Stabilization Program Advisor 502-892-3432

Community Enhancement Branch

Jodie Williams Branch Manager 502-892-3484

Infrastructure Branch

Jennifer Peters Local Government Advisor 502-892-3469

Compliance Branch

Mark Williams Branch Manager 502-892-3485
Lee Nalley Administrative Specialist 502-892-3462

Economic Development Branch

Gabe Nickell Branch Manager 502-892-3464
Aaron Jones Local Government Advisor 502-892-3450

Housing and Communities Branch

Travis Weber Branch Manager 502-892-3483
Cathy Figlestahler Local Government Advisor 502-892-3445

Public Services Branch

Jeff Hanna Local Government Advisor 502-892-3447

Office of State Grants

Amy Barnes Executive Director 502-892-3431

Coal Development Branch

Olivia Clark Local Government Advisor 502-892-3437
Billie Renee Johnson Local Government Advisor 502-892-3449
Laura Kronauer Internal Policy Analyst III 502-892-3453

Special Programs Branch

Office of Field Services

Shane Baker Field Representative
Isaac Myers Field Representative
Rebecca Rittenhouse Field Representative
Aaron Thompson Field Representative