County Officials Training Program

Important Updates on Local Officials Training Program

Training Opportunities
Due to the constantly changing global situation, the Department for Local Government (DLG) County Training Officials Program is revising its policy on web-based training. DLG will now allow live, web-based training, but the following guidelines must be followed:

• All approved training will be listed on your training page under relevant upcoming courses. ONLY web-based training listed on this page will be accepted.

• On the listing for the training events, the event will be listed as (in-person) or (web-based) then the vendors name – title of the event. This will let you know right away which trainings are in-person and which are web-based. Example: 2020 (web-based) DLG – Training Guidelines or 2020 (in-person) DLG – Training Guidelines.

• You must attend the entire course with the camera on. If they cannot see you, the training will not count.

• All training proof of attendance forms must be received within 60 days.

Though our offices are closed for in person visits, Wendy is still available via e-mail should you have any questions.

Kentucky’s training incentive program for elected county officials began with the enactment of House Bill 810 (KRS 64.5275), effective in January 1999. The program offers county judge-executives, fiscal court members, clerks, sheriffs and jailers an annual financial incentive to participate in continuing training relevant to their official duties.

Training is offered by a variety of agencies, professional associations, and private vendors. DLG enrolls officials in the program, pre-approves training events, records individual attendance for credit, and authorizes incentive payments. Participating officials may earn one incentive for each calendar year in office by providing documentation of 40 hours of approved training.

Reports and Forms

Below are reports and forms that officials participating in the County Elected Officials Training Program will utilize. To view the corresponding report or forms click the heading of each section.

County Elected Officials Training Program Participation Form
Elected or appointed officials who wish to participate in the County Elected Officials Training Program will need to complete and submit the County Elected Officials Training Program Participation Form before they will be included in the program. Newly elected or appointed officials who wish to participate in the County officials training program will need to complete this form and submit it to our office in order to be enrolled in the training incentive program.

Individual Training Records
By clicking the link above, program participants may view their individual training record online by entering their name, county, office or any combination thereof.

Training Approval Request Form
For training events not listed in the Upcoming Approved Training Events, approval may be requested by completing and submitting the Training Approval Request Form, along with a detailed event agenda listing all training times and indicating any breaks and meals during the training event. To complete this form click the link in the heading listed above this section.

For questions concerning the County Elected Officials Training Program please contact Wendy Thompson, Training Coordinator.

Incentive Notice

Under the carryover provisions of this program, many persons now qualify for their annual incentive at the first of the year. Due to the time requirements involved in the process of calculating the new year’s incentive value and the generating of these incentive letters, the issuance of the letters will not take place until mid-February of the new year. Our staff works to complete this process as quickly as possible.


County Elected Officials Training Program Participation Form (.pdf - 101 kb)
Newly Elected Officials Form (.pdf - 92 kb)
Training Approval Request Form (.pdf - 105 kb)