Menifee County Receives $459,000 from Appalachian Regional Commission

Press Release - 09/28/2018

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FRANKFORT, KY. (September 28, 2018) – The Department for Local Government (DLG) has announced $459,000 in Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) funding for the Menifee County Fiscal Court. The grant will help fund a new sewer line for 114 households and 7 businesses.

“I am pleased the ARC approved funding to assist Menifee County in building a much safer and more reliable solution for the county’s wastewater needs,” said Department for Local Government Commissioner Sandra Dunahoo. “This project will directly impact local residents and businesses by improving the overall collection and treatment of wastewater in the Means area of Menifee County. Wastewater improvements will encourage business growth in this particular area.”

The project includes decommissioning the Menifee County package treatment plant and redirecting wastewater to the Montgomery County Sanitation District. The Menifee County plant was originally constructed in 1996 and has experienced a number of operational problems due to the aging collection system. The project will require an upgraded pump station at Menifee County to re-direct wastewater for a more reliable sewer and wastewater treatment service.

“I am pleased to hear the ARC approved this grant to Menifee County for this important sewer and sanitation project,” Senator Albert Robinson said. “This grant is yet another critical step to ensuring that local residents and business have a reliable water service for the region.”

“I’m appreciative of the awarding of this grant by the ARC and DLG for the people of Menifee County,” Rep. David Hale said. “The grant will be very positive and beneficial for the community and will support several families and businesses in our community.”

The ARC Distressed Counties Program provides funds for designated counties to undertake projects that strengthen communities. Currently, 84 counties across eight states qualify for distressed county status based on per capita income and rates of poverty and unemployment. This includes 37 counties in Kentucky.

Funds are administered by DLG, an arm of the Office of the Governor dedicated to supporting local officials and communities. For more information, visit