State Flood Control Matching Grant Program

Department for Local Government Flood Control Match Program
photo: Christy Morgan / NRCS Kentucky

Department for Local Government Flood Control Match Program

What: The Flood Control Match Program is administered by the Department for Local Government, Office of Federal Grants. The program uses state bond funds (Capital Budget) as grants to help local communities meet cost-share match requirements associated with projects funded by federal sponsors. Some examples are, but not limited to, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and USDA Rural Development (RD).

What Is Available: The type of projects previously funded include acquisition and relocation of homes from flood prone areas, construction and reconstruction of floodwalls and small dams, debris removal from creeks and small rivers and elevation of structures located in flood plains. The funds have also been used to participate in flood studies for future projects (Ex: stream flow gauges and flood inundation maps).

Who Can Apply: Cities, Counties and Area Development Districts are eligible.

Application Process: Applications are accepted year round. There must be a legally binding agreement with the federal sponsor(s) attached with the application. The application must also include a resolution from the local government authorizing their elected official (Judge/Mayor) to apply for the grant. There is no maximum grant amount, but the request must be within reason based on the scope of the project and committed funds by additional agencies. A local match is required, but may be negotiated based upon various circumstances. Applications can be accessed through DLG’s website under “Grants” - “Federal Grants” - “State Flood Control Matching Grant”. ***NOTE***…even though state funds are used for the match, the Flood Control Match Program is still administered through the Office of Federal Grants. Once DLG receives an application, it’s reviewed by staff, and forwarded to the Commissioner. The Commissioner shall administer and determine the disbursement of funds.

Match Process: The standard matching process requires a local match to go along with funds from a federal sponsor. The state flood control funds are used to assist local communities (grantees) with the required local match funds. Typically, DLG will assist in funding the local match requirement by a rational percentage of federal funds allocated for the total project amount. DLG encourages the grantee to include as many funding sponsors possible including federal, state, and local agencies, private sector, and/or any entities that will benefit from the flood control project.

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KY Flood Preparedness Quick Guide 2018 (.pdf - 526 kb)