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The Peggy Satterly Spirit of Kentucky Award is presented to the sponsors of a successful project that is a result of multiple government agencies working together in a cost-effective manner. Selection criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Utilization of innovative and/or multiple funding sources.

2. Successful regional impact during the most recent 12-month period.

3. Efficient use of public resources and funding sources.

4. Innovative or resourceful cooperation of two or more jurisdictions of government or authority.

5. Transferability of technology, contractual arrangement or management activity.

The selected project will be announced at the 45th Annual Governor's Local Issues Conference August 25-27, 2021.

For more information, contact Mary Palmer at mary.palmer@ky.gov.
Department for Local Government Selects Three Area Development Districts as Peggy Satterly Award Winners

Department for Local Government Selects Three Area Development Districts as Peggy Satterly Award Winners

The award was presented at the 2022 Governor’s Local Issues Conference by Senior Advisor to Gov. Beshear, Rocky Adkins. The award represents excellence in service to Kentucky.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Aug. 22, 2022) – At last week’s Governor’s Local Issues Conference, Senior Advisor to Governor Beshear, Rocky Adkins, presented the Peggy Satterly Spirit of Kentucky Award to the Pennyrile Area Development District, the Purchase Area Development District, and the Green River Area Development District. The award represents excellence in service to Kentucky and is presented annually at the Governor’s Local Issues Conference. The Area Development Districts (ADDs) were chosen for their work on the I-69 Corridor Development and the Ohio River Crossing project.

I-69 in Kentucky runs 148 miles from Fulton to Henderson. The final piece of the project includes constructing a bridge to connect Henderson with Evansville, Indiana. The project is expected to make Western Kentucky a more desirable location for business and relieve traffic regionally.

“The I-69 corridor project has been ongoing for decades, and these ADDs have played a huge role in its success,” said Commissioner of the Department for Local Government Dennis Keene. “This final piece will build on Kentucky’s incredible economic momentum.”

The award is named for Peggy Satterly who served the Commonwealth of Kentucky for 48 years, working with 11 Governor’s administrations. She was regarded as an outstanding public servant. The Peggy Satterly Spirit of Kentucky Award is presented to the sponsors of a successful project that is the result of multiple government agencies working together in a cost-effective manner.

“The development of the I-69 Corridor in the Pennyrile Region has been an essential initiative since its origination in the 1991 Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) and being a High Priority Corridor on the National Highway System,” said Jason Vincent, Executive Director of the Pennyrile ADD. “Without the collaboration of local, state and federal partnerships, the corridor would not be a reality. We look forward to the completion of the Ohio River Crossing at Henderson and the numerous economic benefits I-69 generates.”

“This award is also special to our region as it recognizes the hard work of our good friend John Mahre,” Director Vincent continued. “John, like Peggy Satterly, had a passion for making the Pennyrile region and the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky a better place to live. We will miss John as he just recently lost a hard-fought battle to cancer. We’re all better people for knowing and working with John.” John Mahre was an accomplished architect and community advocate who served on the board of the Pennyrile ADD. In 2021, the Pennyrile ADD named its annual award for exceptional dedication and contributions to the region in John’s honor.

The I-69 corridor in Kentucky mostly follows existing freeways originally built as toll roads. Upgrades were necessary to bring these freeways to interstate standards but required less work than constructing entirely new highway, saving millions in taxpayer dollars.

“On behalf of all the agencies and individuals who have come and gone over the years, the Purchase ADD is proud to share the Peggy Satterly Spirit of Kentucky award with the Pennyrile ADD and the Green River ADD,” said Jeremy Buchanan, Executive Director of the Purchase ADD. “Projects of this magnitude do not happen overnight and involve everyone’s help to see to completion. The improvements to the I-69 corridor have shown and will continue to produce positive results for those communities on the interstate corridor.”

“John Mahre was a resident of the Pennyrile area, he was always the face of the I-69 efforts and the project’s number one cheerleader,” Director Buchanan continued. “We echo the sentiments of the Pennyrile ADD that we are all better people for having known John.”

The project is divided into three sections. Work has begun on Section 1 of the project, which will extend I-69 by more than six miles and will include interchanges with KY 351, US 41 near Kimsey Lane and at US 60. Construction on the final piece, which will complete the I-69 connection from US 60 in Henderson to I-69 in Evansville, is anticipated to begin in 2027 and continue through 2031. Both states are looking for opportunities to accelerate the timeline.

“Peggy Satterly epitomized a heart and passion for public service,” said Executive Director of the Green River ADD Joanna Shake. “To receive an award that pays homage to her work and legacy is extremely humbling and a tremendous honor. The ADDs understand the critical importance of partnerships and working together in advancing the Commonwealth. The I-69 Corridor Development exemplifies how unified efforts cultivate and deliver impactful economic results and improved quality of life.” Director Shake continued, “John Mahre recognized this as well, and his advocacy, work and mission mirrored those of Peggy’s. Our region is profoundly better because of his efforts.”

More information about the project can be found at I69ohiorivercrossing.com.

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The mission of Kentucky’s ADDs is to bring local civic and governmental leaders together to accomplish major objectives and take advantage of opportunities that cannot be achieved or realized by those governments acting alone. Kentucky has 15 ADDs in total.

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