The Office of State Grants

The Office of State Grants consists of the Coal Development Branch and the Special Programs Branch.

The Coal Development Branch administers:

- LGEDF coal severance funds
- LGEAF coal and mineral entitlements
- Area Development Funds Joint Funding Administration

The Special Programs Branch administers:

- Energy Efficiency and Conservation for Local Governments (EEC)
- General House Bill (HB) Line-Items
- Renaissance on Main Program

The Monitoring and Compliance staff:

- Provides direct services to recipients of grants awarded by the Office of State Grants
- Conducts Quarterly and Completion monitoring

Regional Development Agency Assistance Program (RDAAP):

The 2018 General Assembly enacted House Bill (HB) 114 which amended KRS 96.895, created KRS 96.905 and established the Regional Development Agency Assistance Program (RDAAP).

HB 114 identifies your county as one that is eligible to receive funds as a part of the RDAAP. In Fiscal Year 2020, there will be a total of $4,000,000 available for this Program to be allocated among the eligible counties. The funds will be distributed to Industrial Development Authorities (IDAs) established under KRS 154.50-301 to 154.50-346. Funds must be used for economic development and job creation activities pursuant to KRS 96.905 (2).

The first step to access funds under the RDAAP is for the Fiscal Court of each eligible county to designate one IDA to receive the funds.

PLEASE SUBMIT THE ADOPTED DESIGNATING RESOLUTION NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 to ensure that your county can receive funds. Per KRS 96.895, failure to identify an IDA by this date makes your county ineligible to receive funding for this fiscal year. After the September 30, 2019 deadline, the available funds will be allocated among the responding counties.

Although the funds will be distributed to the designated IDA, KRS 96.895 requires that the legislative body of the eligible county submit an application to access the funds for an eligible project. Counties may submit joint applications. In addition to the application form, the Fiscal Court will need to adopt a resolution authorizing the submittal of the application. Upon approval of an application, the Department for Local Government (DLG) will work with designated IDA to execute a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the project.


EEC Grant Application 2016 (.pdf - 99 kb)
EEC Grant Guidelines 2016 (.pdf - 149 kb)
HOW TO ACCESS LGEDF Coal Severance Funds Under HB 200 (.pdf - 306 kb)
LGEDF and LGEAF Guidelines (FY 2019 and 2020) (.pdf - 272 kb)
LGEDF HB 200 Project Scope and Budget (.xls - 84 kb)
LGEDF HB 200 Request for Disbursement (.xls - 52 kb)
LGEDF HB 200 Sample Resolution for Projects (.pdf - 95 kb)
LGEDF Program Map (FYs 2019 and 2020) (.pdf - 471 kb)
LGEDF Project Completion Report (.xls - 44 kb)
LGEDF Quarterly Progress Report (.xls - 38 kb)
RDAAP-TVA Project Completion Report (xlsx - 19 kb)
RDAAP-TVA Project Scope and Budget Form (.xls - 54 kb)
RDAAP-TVA Request for Disbursement (.xls - 63 kb)
RDAAP-TVA Sample Resolution Authorizing Application (.doc - 28 kb)
RDAAP-TVA Sample Resolution Designating IDA (.doc - 28 kb)