City of Irvine Receives $500,000 Appalachian Regional Commission Grant

Press Release - 07/27/2016

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Funding to expand and upgrade wastewater collection system

FRANKFORT, KY (July 27, 2016) - The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) approved funding for a $500,000 grant for the City of Irvine in Estill County. Funds will be used to expand and upgrade the city’s existing wastewater collection system to provide new sewer service for 219 households in the Wisemantown community and improve sewer service for 354 households and 86 businesses in adjacent West Irvine.

“We are committed to helping every Kentucky community maintain a high quality water infrastructure,” said Gov. Matt Bevin. “Expanding and upgrading this system, ensures that our citizens in Estill County have access to these essential services.”

The proposed project will include approximately 35,897 feet of sewer lines with manholes and two lift stations. Portions of the existing West Irvine infrastructure will be replaced and re-routed to a new wastewater treatment plant in Irvine. All new lines serving Wisemantown will also run to the Irvine Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment.

Applications for ARC funds, available to Kentucky’s 54 most eastern and south-central counties, are submitted to DLG. To learn more, visit

The Appalachian Regional Commission is an economic development agency of the federal government and 13 state governments focusing on 420 counties across the Appalachian Region. ARC’s mission is to innovate, partner, and invest to build community capacity and strengthen economic growth in Appalachia to help the Region achieve socioeconomic parity with the nation.