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Uniform Financial Information Reports (UFIRs)

Fee Offices

2021 County Clerk's Meeting  (pptx - 3335 kb)
2021 Sheriff's Bookkeepers Meeting  (pptx - 853 kb)
Bookkeeping Training Presentation  (.pdf - 4293 kb)
Clerk Quarterly Report Check Sheet  (.doc - 31 kb)
County Clerk Budget and Quarterly Financial Form  (.xls - 102 kb)
Fee Office Budget Checklist  (.pdf - 12 kb)
Maximum Amount for Deputies and Assistants  (.pdf - 44 kb)
Sheriff Budget and Quarterly Financial Form  (.xls - 236 kb)
Sheriff Quarterly Report Check Sheet  (.pdf - 12 kb)

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2022 Newly Elected Presentation  (.pdf - 2509 kb)
2022-2023County Budget Checklist  (.pdf - 28 kb)
2024 Budget Workshop Information  (.pdf - 139 kb)
2024-2025 Budget Workshop Presentation   (.pdf - 4390 kb)
65%-35% Rule (KRS 68.310)  (.pdf - 131 kb)
Area Development District Map  (.pdf - 1720 kb)
Budget & Policy Manual (Revised 2017)  (.pdf - 2002 kb)
Budget Amendment  (docx - 12 kb)
Certification - Years of Service  (.pdf - 24 kb)
Contacts  (.pdf - 226 kb)
County Attorney Report  (.pdf - 61 kb)
County Government in Kentucky  (.pdf - 2881 kb)
County Jail Fund Spreadsheet  (xlsx - 583 kb)
County Personal Property Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet  (.xls - 34 kb)
County Quarterly Financial Statement Form  (.xls - 1571 kb)
Direct Deposit Form - LGEAF  (.pdf - 45 kb)
Direct Deposit Form - Road Aid  (.pdf - 34 kb)
DLG Field Region Representative  (.pdf - 516 kb)
Duties of Elected County Officials  (.pdf - 606 kb)
Jail Budget Worksheet  (.xls - 66 kb)
SEFA & GASB 87 Worksheets  (xlsx - 54 kb)