As of January 1st, 2017, the new eClearinghouse website is up and running. You can no longer use the old one, your workbasket has been copied over to the new one. Please follow the new directions available below or on the new website.

The Kentucky State Clearinghouse has been designated as the state Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and is charged with providing state and local input to the appropriate federal agency. At the state level this task is accomplished by identifying those state agencies that should be involved in the planning and development of activities by Executive Order 12372, and providing these agencies with the opportunity to evaluate proposals in a timely, effective fashion.

All federal applications are subject to EO 12372 Intergovernmental Review Process unless the application specifically states not subject to EO 12372.

Please contact the Clearinghouse team if you have any questions.


The Kentucky State Clearinghouse has implemented an online software application. Eclearinghouse provides electronic forms for the Intergovernmental Review Process for all federally funded projects in Kentucky.

The eClearinghouse allows an efficient way for applicants to comply with funding agency requirements, review agency staff to assign application reviews, view application status, endorse/non-endorse applications, and read other agencies’ comments.

It is the intention of the Kentucky State Clearinghouse that subsequent phases of the system will include other agencies’ projects in electronic format.

Please go to the eClearinghouse to submit your application electronically. To become a user and to submit applications, please click on the badge below to go to the eClearinghouse website:

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