Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Names New Executive Director

Press Release - 02/16/2017

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Names New Executive Director
FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 16, 2017) - The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) has named Donna L. McNeil as the new executive director. The KIA board approved McNeil’s appointment as director at their monthly meeting last week. McNeil recently served as Compliance Specialist with the Kentucky Rural Water Association (KRWA) in Bowling Green. There she served as chair of the Drinking Water Infrastructure Sustainability Committee and as proxy to KRWA executive director for Drinking Water Advisory Council and Wastewater Advisory Council.

“I am overjoyed by the KIA board’s selection of Donna McNeil as the new executive director,” said Commissioner Sandra Dunahoo of the Department of Local Government and chair of the KIA board. “Director McNeil brings decades of leadership and experience as an environmental engineer, compliance specialist, inspector and administrator. Her extensive background in managerial, financial, and regulatory enforcement make her the ideal choice.”

McNeil formerly served as Environmental Control Branch Manager for the Department of Environmental Protection. During that time, she managed the Kentucky drinking water program for public and semi-public water systems in accordance with federal and state requirements, while also having direct supervision over construction projects and personnel.

KIA is responsible for funding in Kentucky communities that do not have basic water, sewer, or solid waste facilities along with other costly infrastructure needs. Founded in 1988, KIA provides the mechanism for construction of local public works that provide a necessary function to public water, health and safety.

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