Gov. Bevin Issues Statement on the American Energy Independence Executive Order

Press Release - 03/29/2017

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 28, 2017) - Below is a statement from Gov. Matt Bevin on the American energy independence executive order that President Trump signed today:

"I applaud President Trump’s signing of the American energy independence executive order. This order will roll back former President Obama’s job killing and deceptively named “Clean Power Plan (CPP),” which was not based on sound science. Even the former EPA administrator admitted that the CPP would have had negligible effect on global temperatures.

"In stark contrast, President Trump’s American energy independence executive order will require the EPA to remain within the legal boundaries of the Clean Air Act in the actions it takes. This order demonstrates a more common sense approach to the role that our abundant fossil fuel resources can play in our nation’s energy portfolio. It is possible to have pro-growth, pro-job regulations and still be responsible stewards of the environment. This presidential order demands exactly that kind of intelligent balance."