3 Things Local Officials Should Know About Kentucky’s New Medicaid Requirements

Press Release - 06/06/2018

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This summer, the Commonwealth will begin rolling out a new Medicaid benefits program called Kentucky HEALTH. The changes in coverage aim to improve health outcomes for Kentuckians while connecting recipients with opportunities that will propel them toward future success.

Kentucky HEALTH includes a community engagement component, which requires most able-bodied Medicaid recipients to participate in various activities – such as volunteering, working, occupational training or education – for 80 hours a month. This community engagement program does not apply to adults considered medically frail, former foster youth (up to age 26), income-eligible caretakers, pregnant women and children.

“The purpose is to better engage individuals and provide additional resources and access to resources so they can better their health outcomes, their educational outcomes, their income and overall quality of life,” Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) Secretary Adam Meier said.

This component of Kentucky HEALTH, called PATH Community Engagement, stands to strengthen local communities as well.

Here are three things city and county officials should know about these changes.

1. Implementation of the new requirements will occur geographically.

The Kentucky HEALTH team will roll out the new Medicaid program, including the community engagement requirements, starting July 1 in Northern Kentucky.

Then, the new requirements will be introduced to three additional workforce development areas every month during September, October, November and December.

To find out when your county is scheduled to implement the changes, click here.

2. Cities and communities can use the PATH Community Engagement requirement to connect with volunteers and potential employees.

CHFS Deputy Secretary Kristi Putnam said the new community engagement requirement presents an opportunity for local governments that are looking for volunteers or are having trouble filling workplace vacancies.

To find individuals looking to fulfill their PATH Community Engagement requirement, local government officials should reach out to their local Kentucky Career Center offices.

Local officials can also contact their Department for Local Government field representatives, Meier said.

“I think reaching out to the local DLG representatives in their area is a great way to start,” Meier said. “All of our DLG representatives know the basic components of the program and also understand who to contact within the various cabinets that can help connect them with those resources and information.”

3. For more information, visit kentuckyhealth.ky.gov or attend a Kentucky HEALTH event.

You’ll find a wealth of information on Kentucky HEALTH’s website, kentuckyhealth.ky.gov, including the implementation schedule, a map for finding your local workforce area, a community engagement toolkit and more.

The Kentucky HEALTH team will also host a number of Partnership Summits and Stakeholder Advisory Forums in the coming months, which will help community leaders prepare for the changes and build stronger communities. You can find a schedule of upcoming events here.

The Department for Local Government is an arm of the Office of the Government dedicated to supporting local officials and communities. For more information, visit kydlgweb.com or call 502-573-2382.