Menifee County Receives $250,000 Recreational Trails Grant Award

Press Release - 08/30/2019

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Menifee County Receives $250,000 Recreational Trails Grant Award

Funding Will Expand Access to Cave Run Lake Water Trails

FRANKFORT, KY (August 30, 2019) – The Department for Local Government (DLG) has announced $250,000 in recreational trails funding for Menifee County. The grant will significantly improve the recreational trail experience and safety of nearly 21 miles of water trail at Cave Run Lake.

Without the combination of prior knowledge or information and expensive navigation aids, the backwaters of Cave Run Lake are not easy to navigate. Aids to navigation and improved information will positively improve the safety of all boaters and will significantly increase the attractiveness of these areas of the lake for those who may now be reluctant to rely on their own skills and equipment.

“The water trails at Cave Run Lake are a major part of the recreation landscape, which also includes a network of campgrounds, trails, and day use recreation sites. From rudimentary paper maps to sophisticated GPS devices, this project will meet the needs of all users by providing raw data for use in devices and nautical maps that will assist boaters who do not possess advanced equipment,” said DLG Commissioner Sandra Dunahoo.

“I’m pleased that with the support of government and community stakeholders, we can improve the safety and accessibility of this water trail system and make the area an even more enjoyable recreation destination,” continued Commissioner Dunahoo.

“Cave Run Lake is a beautiful natural area, and I’m thankful to everyone involved for their efforts to fund this recreational trail improvement,” said state Senator Albert Robinson. “These new amenities will ensure that these water trails can safely be enjoyed for years to come.”

“With these funds, the water trail system Cave Run Lake will be greatly improved for all types of users to enjoy, and much safer to navigate for boaters with all levels of equipment,” said state Representative David Hale. “Thanks to Governor Bevin and Commissioner Dunahoo for their work to secure this grant funding.”

“I’m thankful to Governor Bevin and Kentucky’s Department for Local Government for awarding federal funding to Menifee County for a Recreational Trail Grant for a water trail improvement project that will improve the safety and overall experience at the Cave Run Lake water trails,” said Rep. Andy Barr. “In Congress, I’m happy to support U.S. Department of Transportation grants like this one that offer economic growth opportunities in our Sixth District communities.”

About the Recreational Trails Program

The Recreational Trails Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The funds are administered by the Department for Local Government, an arm of the Office of the Governor dedicated to supporting local officials and communities, to selected grant applicants for the creation and development of recreational trails.

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