Gov. Beshear Announces More Than $8 Million in CARES Act Reimbursements for 18 Central Kentucky Local Governments

- 08/20/2020

Gov. Beshear Announces More Than $8 Million in CARES Act Reimbursements for 18 Central Kentucky Local Governments
FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 19, 2020) – In collaboration with the Department for Local Government (DLG), today, Gov. Andy Beshear announced 18 Central Kentucky governments were approved for $8,194,518 in reimbursements from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act for local governments with expenses related to COVID-19.

“Our local governments have been lifelines in our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why this funding is so important,” said Gov. Beshear. “We are grateful for their hard work and dedication to keeping Kentuckians safe.”

DLG Commissioner Dennis Keene said the reimbursements are essential for local governments.

“We know our local governments are experiencing decreases in revenue, making this funding even more important while we combat this virus,” said Commissioner Keene. “Our staff is working diligently to make the process simple and efficient so we can get reimbursements out the door to our cities and counties as quickly as possible.”

Henry County
Henry County will use $145,096 for cleaning costs and payroll for the sheriff’s department.

Mercer County
Mercer County will use $222,214 for PPE, sanitizer, glass shields and payroll for emergency management professionals and the sheriff’s department.

“These funds have allowed us to continue providing public safety to our citizens during these trying times,” said Mercer County Judge/Executive Milward Dedman. “Our Emergency Medical Services have remained fully funded because of this money and our Sheriff’s Department continued to provide 24-hour protection. Without these dollars, none of this would have been possible due to reduced revenues in our General Fund and payroll tax collection.”

Oldham County
Oldham County will use $793,265 for payroll for law enforcement.

“Oldham County appreciates very much the assistance provided by the Department for Local Government in helping our county apply for and receive CARES Act funding,” said Oldham County Judge/Executive David Voegele. “I have been very impressed by the extended communications efforts made by Commissioner Keene and his staff, particularly Billie Johnson, to help counties understand the steps necessary to establish a CARES Act account and apply for funding. The valuable support provided by DLG has meant continued financial stability during a critical period and paved the way toward allowing Oldham County to maintain vital services, including law enforcement, EMS and recycling. My continued thanks to DLG.”

Shelby County
Shelby County will use $1,183,967 for PPE, food assistance and payroll for the sheriff’s department.

“As Judge/Executive of Shelby County, I would like to state what an extraordinary relief it will be to receive the CARES funding,” said Shelby County Judge/Executive Dan Ison. “The allocation of these funds have substantially assisted us with the ability to maintain our financial stability due to the deficiency and increased expenses needed in order to protect our employees and the citizens of Shelby County. It has provided us the ability to obtain crucial supplies and equipment, provide protection to our first responders but also to our citizens that we continue to serve during these uncertain and difficult times. In addition, the funds have afforded us the opportunity to obtain additional resources in order to implement additional services to the public in forms such as food bank assistance while the schools are closed. We are grateful for the assistance, guidance, support, and relief that these funds offer our county.”

Spencer County

Spencer County will use $447,106 for PPE, disinfection of public spaces, telework supplies and payroll expenses.

Wayne County
Wayne County will use $665,672 for payroll for EMS workers and the sheriff’s department.

“Receiving the funding from the CARES Act to be used toward Wayne County’s COVID 19 expenses is a tremendous help to our county and its budget,” said Wayne County Judge/Executive Mike Anderson. “We will apply these funds mostly toward EMS and the sheriff department salaries. This funding is much appreciated and needed to help defray our losses in revenue.”

Berea will use $778,974 for payroll for the police and fire departments.

“On behalf of the City of Berea, I wanted to send a big thank you to the Department for Local Government and the administration for the assistance with funding from the CARES Act,” said Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley. “In short, the CARES Act funding has and will help us to meet the needs of the citizens of the City of Berea in an environment where we expect at least a 20% decline in General Fund revenue due to COVID-19.”

Bloomfield will use $1,694 for PPE and sanitizer.

“The City of Bloomfield has received funds to offset the cost of supplies such as masks, sanitizers, and numerous other supplies to keep our employees and public safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and it is greatly appreciated,” said Bloomfield Mayor Chris Dudgeon.

Crab Orchard
Crab Orchard will use $9,366 for payroll expenses, PPE and telework supplies.

“The City of Crab Orchard is so thankful for the DLG and all the assistance and resources offered to the cities during these unknown times,” said Crab Orchard Mayor Billy R. Shelton. “We appreciate your efforts and your constant updates with the COVID-19.”

Jeffersontown will use $1,307,767 for payroll expenses.


Lawrenceburg will use $444,636 for PPE, sanitizer, disinfection of public spaces and payroll for police officers and firefighters.

“The City of Lawrenceburg would like to thank the Department for Local Government in navigating our City and all local governments with the CARES Act funds that provide the assistance needed to combat COVID-19,” said Lawrenceburg Mayor Troy L. Young. “The Coronavirus Relief Fund reimbursements that our city received due to expenses incurred to supply our first responders with the equipment needed during these uncertain times. We would also like to thank the staff at the Department for Local Government for going above and beyond in efforts to assist us through this process to ensure our city had what we needed to help keep our community safe.”

Lebanon will use $186,328 for police department payroll and PPE.

“The City of Lebanon will be able to replace and upgrade its emergency equipment as well as replace needed items for our Police Department,” said Lebanon Mayor Gary Crenshaw. “We are grateful to the Beshear Administration for its support of helping maintain fiscal integrity for local governments, particularly during our current pandemic.”

Middletown will use $205,693 for informational signage, PPE, sanitizer and payroll for police officers and public works employees.

Pewee Valley
Pewee Valley will use $29,624 for small business grants and payroll for police officers.

Shelbyville will use $1,168,192 for payroll expenses.

“On behalf of the City of Shelbyville, I would like to thank the Department for Local Government for all their support in helping us to receive our CARES allotment,” said Shelbyville Mayor David Eaton. “The staff was professional and extremely easy to work with as they guided us through the process. The time frame from application to receipt of the funds was incredibly quick due to the DLG’s efforts. These funds will prove to be most helpful in replacing lost city revenues due to COVID-19.”

Taylorsville will use $1,294 for PPE and sanitizing supplies.

Wilmore will use $217,288 for telework supplies, PPE and paid sick and family leave.

“The City of Wilmore would like to thank the Department for Local Government for all the work that they’ve all done to help with the CARES Act,” said Wilmore City Clerk Sharon Moore. “We really appreciate it.”

Winchester will use $386,342 for PPE, sanitizer and payroll for police officers, EMS workers and firefighters.

“I write to express my sincere appreciation to the federal government and the Commonwealth of Kentucky for providing CARES funding during this extreme and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic,” said Winchester Mayor Ed Burtner. “The City of Winchester will use the CARES funds to cover costs associated with public safety expenses and first responder costs. These funds are critical as we continue to deliver first-rate services to our citizens.”

Since the application was released in May, DLG has received more than 200 applications for reimbursement from city and county governments across the commonwealth that are pending approval until all documentation is submitted. In addition, 134 applications have already been approved totaling $66,601,727.

For additional information and to apply for reimbursement, visit DLG’s website.

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