Gov. Beshear Announces $3.6 Million in Awards To Benefit Woodford County

- 05/31/2023

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (May 31, 2023) – Today, Gov. Beshear announced more than $3.6 million in funding that will benefit tourism marketing, economic development, water infrastructure, transportation projects, law enforcement, nonprofits and a park in Woodford County.

“We’re making sure that every community across Kentucky is a part of the bright future we’re all working to secure,” said Gov. Beshear. “These kinds of investments move our communities forward. If we stack up enough good days, that brighter future will be here for us and generations to come.”

“Today, we celebrated funding to improve the lives of citizens across Woodford County,” said County Judge/Executive James Kay. “We have so much to look forward to, and these funds will help move forward important projects in our communities.”

“The City of Versailles is grateful that Gov. Beshear has recognized opportunities to invest in our local infrastructure, economic development and nonprofits,” said Mayor Brian Traugott of Versailles. “Often these grants make the difference in a project moving forward or remaining in the planning stage.”

Cleaner Water Program
Gov. Beshear announced the commitment of $2.8 million in funding from the Cleaner Water Program. The funds will go toward the following projects:

$1.2 million to bring water service to 33 unserved homes in Woodford County;
$1 million to install almost 7,000 feet of water main in Versailles;
$432,270 to install over 1,000 new water meters. These funds will also aid in rehabbing a water tank and a pump station;
$100,000 to help maintain a water tank at the Midway Industrial Park; and
Gov. Beshear also recapped his earlier announcement that the Northeast Woodford County Water District will use $100,000 to repaint an aging storage tank, allowing the tank to stay in operation.
The Cleaner Water Program is funded by the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and administered by the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. Through a bipartisan agreement with the General Assembly, $500 million has been appropriated to provide clean drinking water and wastewater grants to fund projects in all 120 counties since 2021.

“The City of Midway will benefit greatly from this grant, and we appreciate the opportunity to invest in vital infrastructure and in future generations who call Midway home,” said Mayor Stacy Thurman of Midway.

“I would like to thank the state for providing the grant so we can paint our water tank,” said Northeast Woodford County Water District Chairman John Davis. “Maintaining the facilities and the resources that we have is extremely important, and this will do that. I thank them greatly for this, and that’s on behalf of 1,021 customers in our water district.”

Community Development Block Grant Funding for The Rickhouse Hotel
Gov. Beshear announced $300,000 will help purchase distilling equipment for The Rickhouse Hotel and Distillery in Versailles. This hotel will be at the former Woodford Bank & Trust Building. The boutique hotel will be complete with a restaurant and a bourbon distillery specializing in experimental craft bourbons. The project is expected to create 15 jobs.

The funding comes from the Community Development Block Grant program, administered at the state level by the Department for Local Government.

Land and Water Conservation Fund
Gov. Beshear recapped his announcement that Woodford County plans to use $125,000 to construct a new picnic pavilion at the Huntertown Community Interpretive Park.

The federally funded Land and Water Conservation Fund has allotted $3.9 million to communities across Kentucky for a wide variety of outdoor, health-related improvements, including the renovation or replacement of playground equipment, construction of walking and paths and bringing recreational facilities into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility guidelines. To receive the federal funds, which are administered at the state level by the Department for Local Government, selected applicants must undergo federal review and receive approval from the National Park Service.

Law Enforcement Protection Program
Gov. Beshear announced $76,759.44 in funding to the City of Versailles from the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security through the Law Enforcement Protection Program. The funds will be used to better protect police officers.

Nonprofit Assistance Fund
Gov. Beshear awarded over $321,000 to eight local nonprofits in Woodford County. The awards come from the Team Kentucky Nonprofit Assistance Fund, which is helping organizations across Kentucky recover from the impacts of the pandemic. The funding comes from ARPA, and Gov. Beshear supported the allocation of funds by the 2022 General Assembly. This funding will provide one-time direct relief payments to support the mission and long-term sustainability of each eligible nonprofit.

The awards include:

$100,000 to the Life Adventure Center;
$69,368 to the Bluegrass Railroad Museum;
$60,797 to the Woodford Theater;
$48,115 to the Woodford Habitat for Humanity;
$26,064 to the HOPE Spay/Neuter Clinic;
$10,000 to the Art Village;
$4,092.66 to the Salvation Army of Woodford County; and
$2,593 to Strengthening Transformations.
“As divisional commander of the Salvation Army, Kentucky-Tennessee Division, I extend deep gratitude to the Governor of Kentucky and the General Assembly for their generous gift from the Team Kentucky Nonprofit Assistance Fund,” Maj. Thomas Louden said. “These funds will provide emergency financial assistance to those in need and enable us to expand our efforts in feeding the hungry. Together, we can transform lives and foster a brighter future for Woodford County. Thank you for your unwavering support.”

“Here at Strengthening Transformations, we strive to transform women and girls’ adversities into strengths,” said founder Brittany Campbell.

“These funds will help Woodford Habitat continue to provide affordable housing in Woodford County,” Woodford Habitat for Humanity president Ron Baker said.

“When you give up on the humanities you will lose your humanity,” said Judy English, president of the Art Village. “The funds will be used to assist the arts in our community. Creativity at all ages and in all walks of life is essential.”

Tourism Marketing Funding
Gov. Beshear awarded $63,167 to the Woodford County Tourist Commission to support travel marketing and promotion. The award is part of the $75 million in ARPA funding announced by the Governor in July to boost the state’s tourism industry and economy following the decline in visitors brought on by the pandemic.

“Woodford County is so thankful for the ARPA recovery monies to the community that will allow tourism to have a wider reach than ever before to tell the story and invite the world to experience Woodford County charm and all that we have to offer here as one of the nation's best-hidden gems,” said Emily Downey, executive director of Woodford County Tourist Commission (Reserve Woodford). “We aim to be a standalone destination and not just a pass-through or flyover community as people travel from North to South or come to our larger communities in Kentucky. This investment will allow us the unique opportunity to market Woodford County and invite the world to eat, stay and play.”

The funds are distributed by the Kentucky Department of Tourism to eligible tourism organizations throughout the commonwealth.

Transportation Upgrades
Gov. Beshear announced $60,000 in funding to help resurface a portion of Old Clifton Road and a portion of the Old Clifton Road exit in Woodford County. Maintenance on the road will create safe traveling conditions, and the improved boat ramp will increase traffic to the area for boating season.

Legislator Quotes
“Clean water, law enforcement and economic development are critical to a healthy, thriving community, but so are our local parks where families play and the nonprofits who help those in need,” said Sen. Amanda Mays Bledsoe of Lexington. “The General Assembly worked hard to make sure funds were allocated through the state budget for our communities’ needs, and I was honored to be part of it.”

“I am very pleased to take part in this announcement for such integral funding for our community,” said Rep. Dan Fister of Versailles. “Whether it is water infrastructure or nonprofit assistance, the legislature has fought to make sure our local facets are taken care of. I look forward to seeing projects take shape as a result of the work of my colleagues and I.”



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