Spirit Of Kentucky

The Commissioner's Spirit of Kentucky Award is presented to the sponsors of a successful project that is a result of multiple government agencies working together in a cost-effective manner. Selection criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Utilization of innovative and/or multiple funding sources.

2. Successful regional impact during the most recent 12-month period.

3. Efficient use of public resources and funding sources.

4. Innovative or resourceful cooperation of two or more jurisdictions of government or authority.

5. Transferability of technology, contractual arrangement or management activity.

Nominations must be received by close of business on July 1, 2018 to be eligible.

The selected project will be announced at the 43rd Annual Governor's Local Issues Conference over August 14 - 16, 2018.

For more information, contact Carol Juett at 502-892-3507 or carol.juett@ky.gov.
Gov. Bevin Presents 2017 Spirit of Kentucky Award to Menifee County

Gov. Bevin Presents 2017 Spirit of Kentucky Award to Menifee County

Governor Matt Bevin and Commissioner Sandra Dunahoo, Kentucky Department for Local Government, presented the 2017 Spirit of Kentucky Award to Menifee County Regional Kitchen and Senior Center during the 42nd Annual Governor’s Local Issues Conference.

“When officials and local leaders in Menifee County saw a pressing need in their community for underserved senior citizens, they came together to find a solution,” said Gov. Bevin. “By combining two facilities, their regional kitchen and senior center now have expanded capacity to serve the most vulnerable in the community, providing hot meals as well as gathering space with public facilities. With a clear mission and exceptional leadership, their vision became a reality. There are no limits to what we are capable of accomplishing when we stand united.”

The Menifee project had a major impact on the community already experiencing the effects of high unemployment. The original senior center was housed in a facility that could only serve 10-15 seniors at any given time. The regional kitchen was already operating in a local gymnasium when city officials decided to combine the two facilities in order to reduce operating costs while expanding services. The new facility now serves well over 50 seniors a day while offering classes and socialization, computer access, and a kitchen that serves well over 50,000 meals to the community.

“We are proud to recognize our Menifee County officials and colleagues on this exceptional project for the Spirit of Kentucky Award. There are many milestone achievements that we have seen across the Commonwealth,” said Commissioner Dunahoo. “The Regional Kitchen and Senior Center project exhibited best practices and showcased a model for excellence and cooperation for leadership in their community.”

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the Governor and the Department. I am proud of the team effort from our county officials and DLG staff for securing the necessary funding to make this project possible,” said Judge/Executive Rick Stiltner, Menifee County.

Spirit of Kentucky Award

The Spirit of Kentucky Award is presented annually to sponsors of a public project that demonstrate cost-effective coordination of government resources among multiple government groups.

Nominations for the Spirit of Kentucky award were submitted to DLG for consideration. Projects eligible for nomination include those of government, public service, private non-profit or quasi-governmental groups or agencies.

Governor’s Local Issues Conference

The 2017 Governor’s Local Issues Conference brought together more than 900 county and city local government officials, state and executive branch officials, and community advocates from across the Commonwealth for education and networking through a variety of workshops and general sessions.

PHOTO: (From left to right) Mayor Gary Williamson, Mt. Sterling; Judge/Executive Bobby Rogers, Bath Co.; Gail Wright, Gateway Area Development District Executive Director; Commissioner Sandra K. Dunahoo, Department for Local Government; Governor Matt Bevin; Judge/Executive Rick Stiltner, Menifee Co.; Judge/Executive Walter “Doc” Blevins, Rowan Co.

Nomination Form

Nominating Organization:
Date of Nomination:
Name / Title of Project Being Nominated:
Name(s) of Sponsor(s) for Example: City, County, Agency, or District:
Contact Person:
Contact Phone:
Project Commencement Date:
Is the project active at this time?
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List the units / sub-units of government that were involved in the effort:
1. How does this project demonstrate cost-effective utilization of public resources? Describe the resource savings / conservation which resulted from this project.
2. What are the funding sources of the project? List all funding sources, amounts and percentages of the total project budget.
3. What local issue(s) provided the primary reason for conception of this project? In what way has this project addressed the issue in a creative or innovative way?
4. Describe the impact of this project on the participating communities during the past 12 months. Include discussions of impact on local government fiscal matters, socio-economic conditions of community(ies), and community quality of life. To what extent has there been a positive impact on communities beyond those who have formally participated?
5. In what way is this project especially suited to the communities that have participated to date? Describe how the activities and administration of this project may be duplicated, with similar benefits, by other communities in Kentucky or elsewhere. What major adaptations would likely be required for the project to be duplicated elsewhere?
6. Explain additional considerations why this project should be favorably considered for receipt of the Commissioner's Spirit of Kentucky Award.


2018 Nominating Procedures Spirit of Kentucky Award (.pdf - 386 kb)