Interlocal Cooperation Agreements

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Pursuant to KRS 65.210 – 65.300 (The Interlocal Cooperation Act), all interlocal cooperation agreements entered into between cities, counties, charter counties, urban-county governments, and sheriffs (and any combination thereof) shall be submitted to the Department for Local Government for approval as to compliance with the Act.

Any agreement in which at least one party is not a city, county, charter county, urban-county government, or sheriff (e.g. the Commonwealth of Kentucky or a special district, school district, or a political subdivision of another state) shall instead be submitted to the Attorney General’s Office for approval.

You may submit interlocal agreements to DLG by emailing them to

Additional Instructions

*Please add to your agreement a signature line for Commissioner Dennis Keene, below the respective local government officials’ signature lines.

Here is a list of the mandatory contents for all interlocal cooperation agreements.


Remember that, prior to becoming operative or having force or effect, all Interlocal Cooperation Agreements must be filed with the Secretary of State.