Special Programs Branch

Special Programs Branch

The Special Programs Branch administers grant and loan programs to city and county governments, special purpose governmental entities, and Kentucky's fifteen Area Development Districts in order to promote community and economic development across the Commonwealth.

The Special Programs Branch administers the following programs:

Regional Development Agency Assistance Program (RDAAP)
This program has been established as a system of grants to Special Purpose Governmental Entities, as defined by KRS 65A.010(9) and in KRS 96.895.

Grants obtained under this program are for the following activities, per KRS 96.905:
- Economic Development and Job Creation activities;
- Acquiring federal, state, or private matching funds to the extent possible; and
- Debt service for approved projects.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Loans for Local Governments (when available)

Budget Line-Items
The General Assembly may specify line-item recipients in Executive Branch budget. The Special Programs Branch provides financial and programmatic administration on all Executive Branch budget general line-items (non-coal) under the appropriation of the Department for Local Government.

Area Development Funds
The Area Development Fund program was established by KRS 42.345-42.370 as a way to fund projects contributing to community or industrial development. Funds are distributed through the Area Development Districts (ADDs), and applications must be approved by the local ADD Board of Directors. Contact the local ADD for more information.

Joint Funding Administration
The Joint Funding Administration (JFA) was created as a way to unify funding to the Area Development Districts (ADDs) from multiple sources, both state and federal. These sources currently include:
- The U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, Partnership Planning Grant
- The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant
- The Appalachian Regional Commission, Local Development District Grants
- State General Funds through an allotment from the appropriation of the Department for Local Government

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RDAAP Annual Project Report (.xls - 47 kb)
RDAAP Authorizing and SPGE Resolution (.doc - 32 kb)
RDAAP Project Completion Report (.xls - 47 kb)
RDAAP Project Scope and Budget (.xls - 73 kb)
RDAAP Request for Disbursement of Funds (.xls - 74 kb)
RDAAP SPGE Designation Resolution (.doc - 29 kb)
RDAAP- TVA 2023 Counties Map (.pdf - 2277 kb)