Coal Development Branch

The Coal Development Branch utilizes state funds to promote economic development across the Commonwealth. This includes administering:

Local Government Economic Development Fund (LGEDF)/Single County Coal Severance

LGEDF/ Single County Coal Severance Grants are available for any coal-producing county for any economic or industrial development projects as defined by KRS 42.4588.

House Bill 352, the biennial budget of the Commonwealth for Fiscal Year 2021, also allows that LGED/Single County Coal Severance Funds shall be allocated to projects that have the concurrence of the respective County Judge-Executive, State Representative(s) and State Senator(s).

Local Government Economic Assistance Fund (LGEAF)

The Local Government Economic Assistance Fund (LGEAF) is a program of revenue sharing for Kentucky counties and cities. The LGEAF returns a portion of state collected coal and non-coal mineral severance taxes to eligible local governments in accordance with KRS 42.450 – KRS 42.495. There are two, somewhat distinct aspects of the program, one for coal severance receipts and one for non-coal minerals receipts. The LGEAF program should not be confused with a similarly named, but entirely distinct program known as the LGEDF.

*No application is needed to access these funds. Funds are automatically distributed to eligible recipients on a quarterly basis.*

Coal Development Branch Staff

Billie Renee Johnson, Executive Director
Aaron Jones, Local Government Advisor
Jessica Wagoner, Local Government Advisor

A full staff directory can be found by clicking here.


Coal Counties 2015 Map (.pdf)
Completion Report (.xls)
HB 192 Coal Severance Program Map (.pdf)
HB 192 Project Scope and Budget (.xls)
HB 192 Sample Resolution for LGEDF Grant (.doc)
HOW TO ACCESS Coal Severance Funds under HB 192 (.pdf)
LGEAF Mineral Severance Program Map (.pdf)
LGEDF and LGEAF Program Guidelines (HB 192) (.pdf)
LGEDF Project Proceeds Report (.doc)
Project Scope and Budget LGEDF Grants (.xls)
Quarterly Progress Report (.pdf)
Request for Disbursement HB 192 (.pdf)
Sample Resolution for HB 192 Projects w/ Concurrence (.pdf)