The Office of State Grants

The Office of State Grants consists of the Coal Development Branch and the Special Programs Branch.

The Coal Development Branch administers:

- Local Government Economic Development Fund (LGEDF) Program (Single-County coal severance grant funds)
- Local Government Economic Assistance Fund (LGEAF) Program (coal and mineral severance entitlements)

The Special Programs Branch administers:

- Regional Development Agency Assistance Program
- Energy Efficiency and Conservation Loans for Local Governments {when available}
- General House Bill (HB) Line-Items
- Area Development Funds (see section on ADDs)
- Joint Funding Administration (see section on ADDs)


ADD Statutes and Administrative Regulations (.pdf - 193 kb)
ADF Statutes and Administrative Regulations (.pdf - 189 kb)
EEC Grant Application- PDF- Draft (.pdf - 147 kb)
EEC Grant Guidelines 2016 (.pdf - 149 kb)
HB 1 Request for Disbursement Form (.pdf - 275 kb)
HOW TO ACCESS LGEDF Coal Severance Funds Under HB 192 (.pdf - 186 kb)
JFA Statutes and Administrative Regulations (.pdf - 187 kb)
LGEDF and LGEAF Guidelines (FY 2021 and 2022) (.pdf - 579 kb)
LGEDF HB 1 Project Scope and Budget (.pdf - 682 kb)
LGEDF HB 1 Sample Resolution - Projects with Concurrence (.doc - 28 kb)
LGEDF Program Map (FYs 2019 and 2020) (.pdf - 471 kb)
LGEDF Project Completion Report (xlsx - 19 kb)
LGEDF Quarterly Progress Report (.pdf - 2531 kb)
RDAAP Annual Project Report (.xls - 47 kb)
RDAAP Authorizing & SPGE Resolution (.doc - 32 kb)
RDAAP Project Scope and Budget (.xls - 73 kb)
RDAAP Request for Disbursement (.xls - 74 kb)