Recovery Housing Program

Recovery Housing

Federal Register Notice (FR-6225-N-01) implements the pilot Recovery Housing Program (RHP) authorized by the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act (SUPPORT Act), which was passed in 2018. The intent of RHP is to support individuals in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) and help them reach self-sufficiency by providing stable, temporary housing. RHP funds may be used to develop or maintain housing for individuals in recovery from SUD. Assistance for individuals is limited to the earlier of two years (cumulative) or until they secure permanent housing.

By providing stable housing to support recovery, RHP aims to support efforts for independent living. More specifically, RHP would provide the funds to help individuals develop or maintain housing. To maximize and leverage these resources, grantees should coordinate RHP-funded projects with other federal and non-federal assistance related to substance use disorder, homelessness and at-risk of homelessness, employment and other wraparound services.

DRGR RHP Action plan, click here

- RHP Pre-Submission Application
- RHP Full Application 2023
- RHP Cost Summary 2023
- RHP Sample Public Hearing Notice
- RHP Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan
- RHP Presentation Slides
- HUD Recovery Housing Program Quick Guides

2020/2021 RHP Programs

2020/2021 Recovery Housing Program Guidelines
RHP HUD Notice FR-6225-N-01
RHP Federal Register Notice 2021

Isaiah House - Recovery Housing
- 21R-001 Write-up
- 21R-001 Environmental Assessment
Audubon Area Community Recovery Housing
- 21R-002 Write-up
- 21R-002 Environmental Review
Franklin County Women and Family Services CDBG-RHP
- 21R-003 Write-up
- 21R-003 Environmental Review Record
The Journey, Pathways Inc. Recovery Housing
- 21R-005 Write-up
- 21R-005 Environmental Review Status
- Environmental Assessment
- Combined Notice 
Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation - Recovery Housing
- 21R-006 Write-up
- 21R-006 Environmental Review Record

2022 RHP Program

2022 Kentucky Recovery Housing Program Guidelines
2022 RHP Action Plan
2022-2023 RHP Public Notice with Zoom information

Isaiah House - Recovery Housing
- 21R-051 Write-up
- 22R-051 Environmental Review
The Haven Ministries - Recovery Housing
- 21R-052 Write-up
- 22R-052 Environmental Review Record
Booneville Transitional Housing
- 21R-053 Write-up
- 22R-053 Environmental Assessment

2023/2024 RHP Program

2023/2024 Recovery Housing Program (RHP) Guidelines
2023/2024 Recovery Housing Program (RHP) Action Plan - Draft
2023/2024 Recovery Housing Program (RHP) Public hearing notice


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